Arden Recreation and the boys Diamondback and girls Attackers programs are partnering with the Maryland Lacrosse League (MDLL) in an effort to evolve our existing lacrosse program.  This will include the evolution of our boys and girls spring recreation seasons as well as our year-round Diamondback and Attackers programs.  This partnership will begin in the fall of 2022 and will include coaching assistance/development, team tournament sponsorships and additional training opportunities for all of our youth lacrosse players.


The MDLL is made up of over 2000 participants as of Summer 2022.  With over 60 Adult Men's teams, 12 Women's teams, and 18 High School teams, the league covers all aspects of the game of lacrosse. 


With the expansion of the MDLL into youth development and its partnership with Arden, it hopes to tap its massive resources with many current and former NCAA players, as well as area high school coaches to create an unparalleled experience taking the phrase "growing the game" to new levels. 


We feel the core beliefs and mission of the MDLL match the goals and objectives of the Arden lacrosse program and believe this partnership will provide opportunities to our athletes that until now no club or organization has been able to provide.


For more information on the Arden/MDLL partnership, please contact:

Bryan Caprice at bryan@ardenrecreation.org

Jeff Levy at jeff@ardenrecreation.org

To learn more about the Maryland Lacrosse League, please refer to the link below.

Maryland lacrosse League